Everyone can now claim green-colored atlas blocks and thus contribute to the new Atlas of the birds of Brussels. The first counts of the atlas project will start in the spring of 2022. If you would like to participate, do not wait too long to claim, before you know it, the atlas block of your choice has already been claimed by someone else.


Claiming is very simple and goes like this. Scroll with the mouse above the map and click on the atlas block that you want to count the atlas block. Choose which season (breeding or winter) you are going to count and the block is claimed by you. Don't have an observer code yet? Register here now. You will receive your observer code by e-mail with which you can log in from now on.

Once you have claimed the atlas block, we assume that in the atlas period (2022-2025) you will compile a complete list of species according to the atlas counting guidelines, in both the breeding and winter season.

Other opportunities to participate?
If you don't have enough time to count an atlas block, you can still participate in the atlas. You can also do individual mileage surveys (for example, if you're away for a weekend). In addition, you can of course report your individual observations on /

Overviewmap atlas squares


The white atlas squares (transparent after zooming in) are stil claimable (0 squares)

The darkblue atlas squares (green after zooming) are already claimed (198 squares)

The red atlas squares are claimed by yourselves

Top-left is: winterbirds, Lower right is breedingbirds

Vacant atlas squares per province/season